Friday, October 30, 2009


For all you tiny apartment dwelling homo sapiens that can't afford to waste valuable space on precious pumpkins, I have experimented with using apples. Above are a Granny Smith and Red Delicious cut with the precision of a horror film surgeon.

This job was actually very frustrating and not that fun to make. Ha ha ha, plus there was no way to really light these with a candle inside (if they fit, it kept going out when you put the top on). So I cut a hole in the back of each apple and perfectly aligned flashlights to make the "eerie glow." If you cared to notice, you can see a non-candle light source behind the two.

Afterwards I realized you can just buy mini-pumpkins for a couple bucks everywhere, which should be the preferred choice for future carvings. But hey, now I know... Happy Halloween!!!


  1. an aggressive project, but a great result!

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  3. These have been seen very well in my house last halloween.