Thursday, March 18, 2010

Au Revoir!

Well folks, this is finally it: The end. One year is finally over. At the 239th post, with over 29,000 visits (and over 20,000 unique visitors) from over 129 countries, the Somethink Fun experiment has been a surprisingly great success (in my eyes, at least). I wanted to thank all of you who visited (even just once) - that means so much to me.

Creating something (almost) everyday was pretty difficult at times, and there are many horrific posts peppered about. But I'm not embarrassed - this site was a digital sketchpad to simply capture ideas. Since there was barely any time, these ideas were not well thought-out or developed into anything final. They were what they were: fun ideas.

I'll obviously be taking a break and traveling, but I hope to keep Somethink Fun as a creative blog in some fashion when I'm back in NYC. Any thoughts, opinions, or rants you'd like to make, please be my guest. I'd love to hear from you! And finally, I will leave Somethink Fun exactly how it started - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RHO!