Friday, September 18, 2009

The Recession Beer!

Combining Old World aesthetics with America's red, white and blue, "The Recession Lager"® is born!

A shield was developed to signify quality, strength, and loyalty - all things needed during these dark days. The balance of traditional beer-making and modern design pays respect to those that came before us while understanding the importance of the change and progress that lies ahead.

The band and shield can sit on a bar, or be held in the backyard, as a shining beacon of hope, glory, and the will to carry on. It's to be held high by the beer-drinking warriors as a badge of honor!

To cut on printing costs, we simply took an e out of beer, which reduces one letter to print (also creating a clever name). The typeface, Dampfplatz, was chosen due to it's Eastern-European look (a modern form of blackletter). Since it's not entirely filled in - it reduces ink saturation within the letters by 50%. We then pass those savings on to the beer lovers of the world who just want to drown their troubles.

A griffin mascot was designed to remind people that "The Recession Lager"® is as bad-ass as a flying lion. It was also used to signify the fact that this product is purely imaginary.


  1. I'd drink to that. Cheers to financial collapses!

  2. I never knew this, but according to this month's GQ it's actually more expensive for breweries to can beer than it is for them to use glass. So if you really want to cut costs maybe you should bottle it!

  3. Good tidbit, James - that's actually surprising... I'll talk to my accountants and marketing team to see if the pubic would still consider a bottled beer "blue collar." I'll get my research team on it!